We know it’s hard. Parties, shopping, family, work all pile up during the holidays and for most of us, me time, slips away as a distance memory.  From Thanksgiving through until New Year’s our schedule are bursting at the seams and workouts are usually the first thing to get bumped off the list. We want to issue a personal challenge this year to not dip out on WODs.  If you are traveling, ask a coach for a vacation WOD suggestion. If you just don’t have time to get into the gym, do an at home WOD. Coach Nick & Coach Chris got together to provide this Q&A for your holiday fitness success.


Q. Can you share your tips for working in WODs during the hustle & bustle of the holidays?

Coach Chris: Make time. Schedule it as an appointment in outlook. Don’t let yourself make excuses. Tired at the end of the day? Start going in the morning before work. Make it routine, even in a new schedule.

Coach Nick: Schedule your WODs like they are business appointments. Block it out on the schedule and make sure to not be content with taking a month off. Most of the craziness is due to family obligations. Ways to avoid this, bring in a family member with you. They can come in and experience what you are always talking about. Bring a family member in to watch. They may be curious what this CrossFit stuff is all about.

Q. Why is it important to keep coming, can’t people just take a few weeks off?

Coach Chris: Gains. Don’t go backwards. Strength falls off FAST and your conditioning, and body composition will too. However long you take off, it will take at least that long to get it back. If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.

Coach Nick: Taking time off is very detrimental to your progress. You have been working hard to improve your skills, get more fit, dial in that diet and now all of a sudden you are just going to put a halt in your progress. By taking time off it would be as if you are starting from scratch. You know you will be indulging in some holiday fun so make sure to put in the work in the gym still so you can enjoy yourself.


Q. If you can’t get into the gym, what can you do at home or while out of town?

Coach Chris: Stay explosive by jumping and sprinting. Practice handstands, or other gymnastic movements. And walk everywhere.

Coach Nick: We always encourage people to continue to come to the gym, 3-4x per week if your in town. However, when traveling you have a few options. You can always drop-in to a local CrossFit gym and get your WOD in that way. Make sure to give them a call or send an email prior to showing up just so they can expect you. Another option is hotel or garage WODs. CrossFit Ethos has a huge list of travel WODs that can be viewed here. Attack these on your own and you will still get some of that intensity we are looking for, even if you can’t make it to a gym.

So there you have it, no excuses! Happy Holidays & WOD on.